Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Here's a quickie

Wow...this school year so far has shown me that I will NEVER have it all together, and that there is no such thing as having it all "together". Boy, I wish I did. With that being said, I have been beating myself up about having not posted to my blog for a while. I know most people do not follow me on instagram. So I am just writing  quick post to update everybody.

I started my new teaching position as a preschool special needs teacher. I love it. I have 9 boys in my morning class and let me tell you. As much as I love children, I am struggling. Boys are a whole different ball game than girls. Boys push, take, grab, hit, and touch everything!! I would not trade them for the world because I know by the end of the year they will have the hang of going to school, and they are my babies. Work has been awesome. I was not official staff last year because I was just a sub, but this year just feels like a continuation of last year. My preschool team has been great to work with. Regardless of how hard some of the days seem, my para and I spend most of the day laughing. Our motto has been "if we can not find humor in everything this will be a long year".

This year has been a busy one for Tim and I. We are both in school. I'm pursuing an endorsement and Tim is finishing up his degree (can't wait for May!). We are so thankful for the summer we just had because we were able to spend a lot of time together just getting to know each other more. Unfortunately, our schools schedules are crazy and there are some days where I only see him for maybe 20 minutes the whole day. I am attending a school that is an hour and twenty minutes away from where we live, and I go after work. It has been rough!!! Your prayers are appreciated :) By the grace of God we will both be done with school in May!

Married life has been awesome! I could not have imagined a better husband. We purchased a house the week of our wedding and we love our home. Its the perfect size and in the perfect location. God has truly blessed us with the opportunity to have our own house. It has been taking longer than I thought it would to get everything decorated. I just bought a decorative pillow for our bed and we have been here for about three months! Little by little it is coming along.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Living on love

There are just some times where I could just scream. You know full out kid temper tantrum screaming. Like why do I have to be a grown up and act like it all the time??? Well, sometimes life gets me like that. For instance, this afternoon was like that. The day was going to well and then bam! Badness!

One thing I told myself I wanted to make a habit was working out. So Tim and I went to the gym today and I killed it. We ran some errands and ate with family. But the last part of the day was what got to us. So we just ask for your prayers as we continue to deal with some things.

On to this shirt. I picked this up from Target (my favorite store) last summer because I loved the saying. Its cheesy but I liked it. And you know, even though it is cheesy I like to get lost in love. Because when I was on the verge of tears today Tim's love for me got me through. Also his sense of humor. I have noticed that since we have gotten married we have become so much more loving and understanding towards each other. But I also enjoy getting lost in God's love, because even though bad things happen I know that He loves me and knows best. So...go get lost in love today!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Married life so far

So let's talk marriage. It is the best things ever!!!! Tim and I have been married for a little bit over a month, and despite our views on how clean a house should be its been great. As most of you know we bought a house. We closed when we got to Georgia for the wedding. So very blessed, so very VERY blessed. But back to married life. I now get to partake in all the fun married life things like paying grown up bills, making dinner almost every other night (Tim doesn't eat leftovers), buying curtains and a new comforter, cleaning ALL THE TIME, and keeping a yard. Guys I can't tell you how much I did not know about keeping a yard. Tim mows every week, and the weeds!!! I promise once the house is cleaner I'll post some pictures. One month down and many more to go. Oh, I forgot to add sharing a bed the list of grown up married things. Guys, Tim sleeps like every night is a fight!!!! So...we will hopefully be buying a bigger mattress, because lets be honest I am grumpy when my sleep is messed with. But, I am so thankful for all of these grown up married things that we get to do and share together. I could not imagine a more special and awesome person to share them with. Also we are working on some different things for sharing things with you guys so that you can keep up with what we are doing. So stay posted!!! Well, now I have to get back to those married things.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Because we've been having so much snow

I thought I would share :)
Today I had a "calamity day". I am very tired of these days. I worked 10 days in January, and as a sub this is putting a huge dent in my wallet. So I decided to make the most of today. Tim was sick and I was bored so we took some pictures to document the amount of snow we have been getting, because there is rain coming and it is supposed to melt it away. I can honestly say that snow is not my favorite. I mean it really isn't my favorite. I remember getting excited about it when I was younger, but now I see it falling from the sky and I become sad :( I am so sick of snow!!! It is beautiful don't get me wrong, but it costs so many problems. Roads become slippery, cars run into each other, roads become undriveable, and don't let me forget about the fact that it snows so hard you loose visibility!! SCARY!!

Trying out the self timer. This one was okay

But this one was better :)

Tim wanted to throw things -_-

The snow was deeper. It was kind of warm today, so it has started to melt

Tim throwing snowballs at the house.

Got it right on the release :)

So, the snow was not sticky enough. So FAIL!

Little snowman

Here is my little snowman :)

So, here are some pictures of our snow day.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Post About My Hair

So for friends who have known me for a while, you can obviously tell that my hair has most definitely changed over the past few months. This has a lot to do with the fact that I was fed up with my old hair and needed to do something different. For years I have been trying to grow my hair. I can honestly say that I have been obsessed with growing long hair since I was a little girl. Maybe it was all those princess movies that had girls with long flowing hair ( Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine, Ariel).

I was on a visit to my parent's house after spending a summer in Ohio. I had just gotten another perm and noticed how much shorter my hair was. I was so fed up and mad! I just knew that there had to be a way to solve the issues I felt I was having with my hair. So I got on my mom's tablet and started searching for ways to grow hair, and I happened upon BlackGirlLongHair.com. I noticed how healthy the hair was on the women who were on the site. I spent hours pouring over "natural hair" and happened upon videos on YouTube. It was then that I noticed that there was nothing wrong with my hair and should not longer continue trying to hide what God gave me. So, I decided on a day in Early August that I was no longer going to perm my hair anymore. I was going to be happy with what God gave me. I can honestly say that I have never been so happy with my hair, and it was all because I was willing to accept what God gave me.

I am now a year and a half perm free and I feel so much healthier. The change in hair health has also lead to me wanting to change my health in general. I just thank God for getting through to me and helping me see that I am beautiful the way He made me. So, with all this being said I plan to do posts about natural hair, and sharing some of the sites that I have found that have helped me. But for now enjoy these photos of me and my hair :D

What is your hair story? Share them with me!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thoughts for the New Year

Timothy and I did not spend the holidays together this year. So we celebrated before I left to visit my family over the Christmas break. I am very excited that we will be able to spend the holidays together this year as a married couple. We took a few photos of us opening our presents. Enjoy!

Whoo! He is cute :)
So for the New Year I did not plan any kind of resolutions. I never keep them anyways. Timothy and I have decided that we wanted to be healthier this year. We had a lot of snow days lately so we have been able to go to the gym together. I have not been very diligent about the gym in the past, but with the wedding coming up I had motivation. I am actually finding that going to the gym is fun. On top of going to the gym I have been making a conscious effort to eat better foods as well. Eating better foods is hard. Vegetables and fruits are expensive!! Why?? I mean shouldn't they want you to eat good food? Anyways, eating healthy is expensive. I'm done rambling for now.

What are some things you are trying to do for the new year?

I seriously wanted these boots. I LOVE my new family :)