Saturday, November 30, 2013

That time we had our second anniversary

I realized that this will be the last time that we will be able to celebrate November 11th as our anniversary. After next May we will officially have a new anniversary. It actually makes me sorta upset :(. November 11th is an important day for us. It is the first day that we saw each other for the first time, it is the first time we held hands, had our first kiss :D, had our first date, the first time Tim bought me something, and when we officially decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Oh and I forgot to mention that it was the first time we watch Star Wars together. Star Wars and Star Trek are very important to Tim :). So, you see November 11th holds a lot of firsts for us, but I know that May 25th will hold a huge first. It will be the first time that we will be husband and wife.

So this year we went to Olive Garden. We always eat Italian for important things. Our first date was at this cute restaurant in Chattanooga called Tony's. They make their sauces from scratch, amazing! We actually took a trip there in October on our visit to see my sister. We ate outside at night, so pretty. After Olive Garden we hit up Starbucks, because that is where we first met each other for the first time. Unfortunately I was not able to get the drink I ordered. We then came back to my place to watch 30 Rock and it started to snow. Like REALLY snow! Best anniversary ever! I took pictures and opened my first official snow present from Tim's sister. And of course I took pictures to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy :)