Monday, January 19, 2015

New year, new post

I haven't done one of these in a good while. New year, new goals. What's awesome is that Tim and I are about to hit the 8 months of marriage mark! I must say that I have learned a few things in this short or long time (depending on how you look at it).

1) a joke can make an argument end
Timothy is infamous for cracking a joke right in the middle of an argument. I on the other hand will try and get my point across and here goes Tim *joke. Anyways, I can't stay mad at him after that and he knows it.

2) monthly date nights are a necessity
One things we have tried to do each month is get all dressed up and have a nice dinner somewhere, usually Red Robin (best garden burger ever!). Date night gives us something to look forward to.

3) having one tv has made us closer
We got advice from one of my best friends and her husband about only having one tv and not putting a tv in our bedroom. It is interesting because it kind of forces us to be together, but over the past months I have come to look forward to our tv time because it is cuddle time for me!

4) you are your spouses cheerleader
One thing that I have been struggling with has been my perception of my body. Tim has done such a good job at cheering me on with my fitness journey. I also have been cheering him on throughout his last year of school. I mean he got straight A's!!!! The thing is we realized that we are a team and when one of us is down, the both of us are down.