Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall bucket list

I can honestly say that summer is the most enjoyable season for me especially now. Here in our part of Ohio a lot of things shut down after summer because let's be honest once winter hits you're basically stuck inside. My second favorite season in fall! After all, it is the season in which I got my long awaited sibling! Everything about fall is beautiful; the colors, the smells, the things to taste as well. Last year was so busy for us around here with both of us being in school that we did not get to do much, but this year I have a plan. The plan begins and ends with this fall bucket list I've created. I am hoping to get everything done but there is always next year!

~Pick apples. Fall is not fall without a good ole visit to the apple orchard.

~Buy pumpkins. Last year we did not purchase one pumpkin. So I put it on the list so that we get it done and put the pumpkins out for decoration.
Excuse those dead flowers. Tim "says" I killed them... Also we need to fix that lamp!!!
~Smores! Our family loves to make smores over my mother-in-laws house, but I would love to sit around the fire in the fall. Especially this year since our fall has been mild so far.

~Make Apple Cider. Now, I've never done this before but I heard from a co-worker that it can be done. So I found a slow cooker recipe on pinterest. Let's hope that it works!

 Welcome to our humble abode. By the way, these are the MOST comfortable booties that I have ever worn! I literally wear them everyday if I can. I bought them from Famous Footwear.

What are some things you would like to do this fall?

Friday, October 23, 2015


This was a hard post for me to write and it took me a while to write it. I truly believe that beauty and being comfortable in one's own skin is a personal struggle that everyone goes through at some point in time. Now I've always been skinny or thin and at one point I was way too skinny. For a bit I allowed it to define me and when I turned 21 I started to gain weight. Let me tell you ,when I tried on my pants and they did not fit I was so disappointed. I went up about two pant sizes and I was not sure what I was going to do. A few years later I started working out and was able to maintain my weight but I never got my original pants size back. I LOVE working out now! It is my stress reliever and most people know that teaching Zumba rocks my socks! I know I'm beautiful the way I am and so are you!

The biggest lie we allow Satan to whisper in our ears is that we are not fearfully and wonderfully made just the way God made us. True beauty can be found in Jesus. True beauty comes from the inside and your relationship with Jesus reflects your outside.
I have a plan. I want to make this hashtag into a big one! What is your beautiful? This is mine. Natural hair, brown skin, and all. I would love to see your pictures of what your pretty looks like. So post your pictures and use the hashtag #thisismybeautiful . You can find me on instagram @mydotson88 and on twitter @cutieandthegeek. There are already a few pictures there and two of them are mine. So post your pictures there as well. We all need to be uplifted every now and then. I would love to scroll through and see those beautiful photos.

"For you created my inmost being;
    you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well."
Psalms 139: 13-14

Friday, October 9, 2015

How do you get fit?

Let's talk fitness..............................................................................................................

Haha no for real. Let me tell you about my relationship with fitness. I've always been "skinny", but let me tell you that just being skinny does not mean that you're fit or healthy. For as long as I've known Tim he has worked out. As a matter of fact the weekend we first met he brought his "perfect pushups" with him so he could work out. After meeting him I wanted to be a better version of myself so I started going to the gym at my apartment complex and I got into Zumba. Now I can't stop working out. What's even better is that I teach Zumba at our local rec center so I am guaranteed to get a workout every week. At the moment, Tim and I average at least 3-4 days a week. Working out is a stress relief for the both of us and when we do not go it is like we go crazy!

Tim lifts weights and I like to do cardio. I do manage to lift some weights every now and then, but I truly enjoy Zumba and running. I am so proud of my family as well. My mom walks with friends, my dad goes to the gym over lunch, and my sister is living her ballet dreams and takes Pure Barre. I wish that I would have worked out a long time ago because it is the best! One thing that we have decided to do is eat better food. Working out is great but you have to fuel your body as well. I want to challenge you to get moving! You do not have to lift weights or run. Just get moving for 30 minutes a day. Walking, jogging, yoga, Pure Barre, dance, whatever tickles your fancy.
Look at this cutie!

Forgive the way we look because we just got back from the gym.

I told Tim to catch me running. Goofy!

How do you get fit?

Friday, October 2, 2015

We're going on a bear hunt

  Timothy and I ABSOLUTELY love camping! Not cabining or rving (words I made up). Camping in tents is the ONLY way to do it. We took this camping trip right before school started but I thought it would be fitting to share them now.

How do you camp?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

July 4, 2015

The Fourth of July has grown to one of my favorite holidays over the years. Growing up we would spend it mostly with my mom's family and then when we got older we used to spend it at the beach. For me, it is a day to be with my family. Now that I'm married I don't spend it at the beach anymore with my parents but I spend it with Tim and his family. Since I've moved this year's Fourth was by far the best one. Every year our city has a parade. Its one of the perks of living in a smaller city. It truly is nothing huge and we basically see the same things every year, but it is tradition. This year we got to sit basically front row because Tim's brother owns a business this year. I took a lot of pictures but I picked some of my favorite ones to share. Enjoy!

 This year we got front row seats. My brother-in-law has a shop and we sat out front and handed out free hot dogs!

This year the this was the BEST float. That O spun around. I mean that set the bar for next year.

Our parade does have interesting floats like this one for instance. I do believe that it was called Pup and Princess Pageant.

And... roller derby!

The military portion is always my favorite.

 And to end the parade the trucks come through. We are the Truckers after all!

It got sorta hot so we moved alllllllll the way back to the building. It was a great day!

Friday, June 26, 2015

The one where Tim got a big boy job.

As most of you know Timothy and I both spent our first year of marriage in school. Boo!!!! I know! But Timothy and I are both hard workers, and I am so happy for the straight A's we received during our two semesters. Timothy got awards for is grades and I must say that when he graduated  I was one proud wife. And I want to say amazingly, but let's be honest when you're faithful to God you know that He will provide for all your needs. So Timothy landed his first big boy job basically right out of college. And even though we had to cancel our vacation we got blessed with a huge opportunity for Tim. So here's to a new season in our lives.

Enjoy these pictures of Tim on his first day!

 So handsome!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Here's to a year!

This past year has flown by! Everyone said that it would and I thought that it would move slower. Has it been a fun year? Yes. Has it been a hard year? Yes. Tim keeps saying "The hardest year is behind us". I truly feel as if each year is going to have its own hardships, but it has been interesting learning how to live with a boy! So here are a few things that Tim and I have learned in our first year:

* Being roommates is tough. I thought learning to live with three girls was tough. Nope, I was wrong. Learning to live with Tim was harder. Boys have a different idea than girls about what clean is. Boys also have a different idea about how dishes should be washed and loaded into the dishwasher.

* Just because you now live together doesn't mean you will see each other ALL the time.
Our first year of marriage has been super busy. We were both in school. Tim was finishing his degree and I was pursuing a new teaching license. Now that we are both done Tim has been interviewing for jobs and I am now on summer vacation. Whew! Thank you LORD for getting us through all this.

* Money, Money, Money! It is amazing how money has become a huge priority since we've been married. I can honestly say that I did not worry about money so much when I was single. But now, money has become much more important. Learning how to not become so consumed by it is a struggle. Tim and I do enjoy ourselves, but we have started to plan for the future (babies!).

* Date nights are the best! Just because we got married doesn't mean that the romance stops. Tim and I thoroughly enjoy getting dressed up to go out and enjoy each other's company. In all honesty, we only get to dress up for church and date nights and we take getting fancy seriously!

* Fight to keep your marriage. I remember growing up and hearing my parents disagree sometimes and thinking to myself that I would NEVER argue with my husband. My parents are coming upon their 30th year of marriage and you know how they made it there? Arguing! Tim and I don't argue or fight about much, but I can tell you that arguing is a way of communication. Do we say some things that hurt? Sometimes. Do we fight a lot? NO. Tim is a very easygoing guy ;) But after a fight is always the best to me because I feel like I understand a little more about him. There is a closeness after a fight and after each misunderstanding we seek to understand each other a little bit more.

Scroll down for some pictures of our year one!

Dinner with the fam!

 Tim after graduation. So proud of this man of mine :)
 We're awkward kissers. It doesn't help that Tim wasn't being serious...
Anniversary dinner :D

So here's to year two!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sweetly Broken

There are some times where it just seems like this life is a joke. Some things happen and they just make you laugh. Not because of humor but disbelief. That is basically how the last couple of months have been. I laugh, I cry, I smile, and with the Lord's help I pick myself back up again. Throughout all of the chaos that has been happening I've had the support of my sweet husband, my family, and my sweet co-worker who has become a great friend. The other day I laid in bed crying because I felt as if I didn't know who I was anymore. I don't cry randomly, my spirit isn't easily broken, and I've always been able to know my emotions. As I was crying to Tim in the kitchen tonight he kindly reminded me of the story of Job (Job 1-3) and how his faith was tested. He amazes me sometimes. Tim is pretty quiet when I vent and when he does talk its always truth!
There have been specific times that I can remember where circumstances have humbled me and I held my faith. This time has been different. This time I was broken differently.I was broken sweetly. The Lord took all my plans that I had for my life yet again, and showed me, slowly, that He is in control and no matter how much I try to handle things alone. He is the only one who ultimately lays the plans. This past year has been a struggle for me and I am so happy that my husband has been so patient. You see I've always had a plan and if I didn't I always had something for backup. I take comfort in knowing that the Lord will not place anything in my life that He knows I can't handle.
I snapped this picture last week when we got home from the gym. The grass has made an appearance!! Thank the LORD!!! But just like this how the grass has made an appearance God has definitely done the same with me these past couple of months. Sometimes I believe that we need struggles or to be sweetly broken to be reminded of God's love and that His plan is better than anything that we could even imagine.
I hope this post gives you hope and I hope that this song encourages you as much as it has for me.

Click the words below for the song

Monday, January 19, 2015

New year, new post

I haven't done one of these in a good while. New year, new goals. What's awesome is that Tim and I are about to hit the 8 months of marriage mark! I must say that I have learned a few things in this short or long time (depending on how you look at it).

1) a joke can make an argument end
Timothy is infamous for cracking a joke right in the middle of an argument. I on the other hand will try and get my point across and here goes Tim *joke. Anyways, I can't stay mad at him after that and he knows it.

2) monthly date nights are a necessity
One things we have tried to do each month is get all dressed up and have a nice dinner somewhere, usually Red Robin (best garden burger ever!). Date night gives us something to look forward to.

3) having one tv has made us closer
We got advice from one of my best friends and her husband about only having one tv and not putting a tv in our bedroom. It is interesting because it kind of forces us to be together, but over the past months I have come to look forward to our tv time because it is cuddle time for me!

4) you are your spouses cheerleader
One thing that I have been struggling with has been my perception of my body. Tim has done such a good job at cheering me on with my fitness journey. I also have been cheering him on throughout his last year of school. I mean he got straight A's!!!! The thing is we realized that we are a team and when one of us is down, the both of us are down.