Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thoughts on Substitute Teaching

May I say that God constantly has His way of humbling me. I must say that when the thought of moving to Ohio came across my mind, I just totally thought it was going to be easy. HAHAHAHA was I wrong!!! I had all these doors opening up for me I just knew I was going to have a job. Nope, I got all my documentation, took a ton of tests, and all I get to do is sub. Now subbing here is way different than subbing back home. For instance, people do it as a job. So imagine how frustrated I was when I discovered that I was competing for subbing jobs with people who would never get jobs as teachers in the school systems. UGH!!! That's all I could say, and to this day I am still competing with people who aren't teachers. I have been blessed that one city 40 minutes away is in desperate need of substitute teachers so most of my work has come from them. Now, yes I am frustrated with this whole situation, but I am faithful that God has given me the jobs that he has. So without further ado, here are my pros and cons of substitute teaching

1. I get to pick and choose the days I work. This has come in handy for Tim and I seeing that we are traveling a lot recently.
2. If I get a crazy class, I do NOT have to go back!!! This has happened before and although I was complimented on "how well" I handled the class. I probably will not go back haha.
3. It is nice to learn about the areas that are near here. The cities are pretty close so it is nice to know we have tons of choices as to where we want to live.
4. The kids in the city I live in are so sweet!!! That's why the jobs are so competitive. The kids are so sweet and loving.
5. And hopefully, just hopefully, this will lead me to a teaching job :)
6. I feel that substitute teaching has started to humble me and strengthen my faith.

1. I have been subbing 40 minutes away almost everyday.
2. It is so competitive. There are some days that I just wish I could quit and take a regular job doing something else.
3. It frustration I feel blows my mind. I can not believe how much I have had to just trust God. Next week, I am trusting that God will bring me jobs, because right now, I do not have any.
4. Stress. The stress I feel is UNREAL.

I know that I complained A LOT, but it is so hard to go from having full-time work, to having sporadic work. I know that there is a bigger plan. I know that God has a plan for me and Tim. I just ask that as my readers you pray for my faith, and that you pray for Tim and I. I promise that my next post will be a happy one, but I am human. As a human, I have struggles, and well, I have hit a big on haha. Until next time...