Saturday, November 30, 2013

That time we had our second anniversary

I realized that this will be the last time that we will be able to celebrate November 11th as our anniversary. After next May we will officially have a new anniversary. It actually makes me sorta upset :(. November 11th is an important day for us. It is the first day that we saw each other for the first time, it is the first time we held hands, had our first kiss :D, had our first date, the first time Tim bought me something, and when we officially decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Oh and I forgot to mention that it was the first time we watch Star Wars together. Star Wars and Star Trek are very important to Tim :). So, you see November 11th holds a lot of firsts for us, but I know that May 25th will hold a huge first. It will be the first time that we will be husband and wife.

So this year we went to Olive Garden. We always eat Italian for important things. Our first date was at this cute restaurant in Chattanooga called Tony's. They make their sauces from scratch, amazing! We actually took a trip there in October on our visit to see my sister. We ate outside at night, so pretty. After Olive Garden we hit up Starbucks, because that is where we first met each other for the first time. Unfortunately I was not able to get the drink I ordered. We then came back to my place to watch 30 Rock and it started to snow. Like REALLY snow! Best anniversary ever! I took pictures and opened my first official snow present from Tim's sister. And of course I took pictures to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On being content

So as most of you know I moved to Ohio this summer to be with my fiance'. We really needed the time together before we are married because our whole relationship has been long distance. I was very happy to make the move, and everything went so smoothly that I thought I was going to have a teaching job right away. Doors were opening for me here and I had two interviews, one with a job offer. I knew it was not the job for me so I turned it down. I just knew that I was going to be given a teaching job. The year came upon me and I started subbing in a school district almost an hour away from here. I was frustrated beyond belief. I knew that I needed something that was more consistent. I even contemplated working outside of education. I was going before the Lord and that was wrong of me. An opportunity opened up for a sub aide in a school closer to home. It paid WAY less than what I would make just subbing but I just felt that I should try it out.

My job was a one-on-one aide with two little prekindergarten boys. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. I went in and LOVED it! I never thought I would love working in special education. I immediately emailed the lady who books the job and told her I wanted the job for the rest of the year. Well, I have moved up to another position there in the same classroom, and I love working with the team of ladies I work with. The kids are super sweet! I love going to work. I literally wake up happy. I can honestly say that this has never happened before with a job. THANK YOU GOD! He is truly the best. I think He has taught me about faith, yet again, and that not everything is about the money. I truly love what I do. I feel for the first time in my teaching career that I am actually making a difference. I love my job.

And even better news. Timothy and I have finally booked a place for the wedding ceremony and reception. It is final we are getting hitched on May 25, 2014. 5 months and some days from now. Woot woot!

Well I wasn't going to leave you guys without pictures because we did make another trip to Columbus to get all my junk. As always thanks for the prayers. Here ya go. ENJOY!
We just got done with engagement pictures and were going to this awesome restaurant to eat in Chattanooga.

We, well Tim drove a huge Penske truck all the way to Ohio.

Look how awesome Cincinnati looks! 

I had to save goodbye to my childhood home :(

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hair bow giveaway! (closed)

The Mum

It is a very simple giveaway. I am giving away a hair bow of the winner's choice from my shop All you have to do is visit my shop via the link, pick out the hair bow you want, and comment below with your name and email.  Share this link via twitter or Facebook so others can enter. To enter the giveaway you must comment below. I will use the random number generator to pick the three winners. Giveaway ends on Tuesday October 22, 2013. The winner will be announced Wednesday October 23, 2013. Have fun and enter, enter, enter, and share, share share!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I have an Etsy shop!

So, I started crafting as a way to fill my time. I started to realize that it was also relieving my stress. Creating things, using my hands has always been fun for me. I used to sit in my play room as a child and create anything out of paper. I remember times when I used to use my mom's needles and thread to try and create scrunchies. Moving to Ohio has had its challenges. I am sure if you have moved from your home to a new home, you can understand how I feel. I do love my new home, and the time with Tim has been awesome! But with this whole job thing right now, I have been dealing with some frustrations. So, I started to look on Pinterest for some crafting ideas, and I remembered some hair bows I made back in May. I remembered how they helped me relieve stress during my exit exam. I have so much free time on my hands now, I thought it would be a great idea to open a shop so I could continue creating. Well, there you have it, my reason for opening my shop.

Now, I do need the help of my readers in spreading the word about my shop. Below is the link. Share this on your facebook page if you have one friends! Also, I am working on a giveaway, so stay posted! I am still working on getting it all spiffed up, so bare with me. And as always, your prayers are appreciated :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thoughts on Substitute Teaching

May I say that God constantly has His way of humbling me. I must say that when the thought of moving to Ohio came across my mind, I just totally thought it was going to be easy. HAHAHAHA was I wrong!!! I had all these doors opening up for me I just knew I was going to have a job. Nope, I got all my documentation, took a ton of tests, and all I get to do is sub. Now subbing here is way different than subbing back home. For instance, people do it as a job. So imagine how frustrated I was when I discovered that I was competing for subbing jobs with people who would never get jobs as teachers in the school systems. UGH!!! That's all I could say, and to this day I am still competing with people who aren't teachers. I have been blessed that one city 40 minutes away is in desperate need of substitute teachers so most of my work has come from them. Now, yes I am frustrated with this whole situation, but I am faithful that God has given me the jobs that he has. So without further ado, here are my pros and cons of substitute teaching

1. I get to pick and choose the days I work. This has come in handy for Tim and I seeing that we are traveling a lot recently.
2. If I get a crazy class, I do NOT have to go back!!! This has happened before and although I was complimented on "how well" I handled the class. I probably will not go back haha.
3. It is nice to learn about the areas that are near here. The cities are pretty close so it is nice to know we have tons of choices as to where we want to live.
4. The kids in the city I live in are so sweet!!! That's why the jobs are so competitive. The kids are so sweet and loving.
5. And hopefully, just hopefully, this will lead me to a teaching job :)
6. I feel that substitute teaching has started to humble me and strengthen my faith.

1. I have been subbing 40 minutes away almost everyday.
2. It is so competitive. There are some days that I just wish I could quit and take a regular job doing something else.
3. It frustration I feel blows my mind. I can not believe how much I have had to just trust God. Next week, I am trusting that God will bring me jobs, because right now, I do not have any.
4. Stress. The stress I feel is UNREAL.

I know that I complained A LOT, but it is so hard to go from having full-time work, to having sporadic work. I know that there is a bigger plan. I know that God has a plan for me and Tim. I just ask that as my readers you pray for my faith, and that you pray for Tim and I. I promise that my next post will be a happy one, but I am human. As a human, I have struggles, and well, I have hit a big on haha. Until next time...

Monday, July 29, 2013

At the Fair!

We went to the Ohio State Fair today, and did a TON of walking for hours and hours. I have never walked so much in my life!!! We saw some interesting things while we were there.
You could win a crab!!! I prefer fish, but to each their own.

Just a disclaimer, please excuse my hair. I am going through a transition period :(
There was a huge painted map of Ohio with all the counties. Here is our's, number 39!

There was a small part of the park that was roped off to preserve these pretty wild flowers. If you visit Ohio you'll find these flowers just about everywhere!

Butterfly center!!! Not as awesome as the one in Georgia where I'm from though :D

These cows are made of butter. I am not sure who had all the time in the world to carve this, but there was a sign that said it took 500 and something hours to make this. Where do they keep the sculptures? I don't know.

There was a petting zoo! this particular little fellow was so greedy, and creepy looking!!! He was hogging all the carrots!!!

This is my man feeding one of the animals. I can't remember what was the name of this one. There was a zebu and a water buffalo! Get the Veggietales reference? :)

And to end the day, we got CANDY!!!! (Please forgive my hair!!)

Have any of you gone to your state fair?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A New Beginning

This is A NEW BEGINNING for us. It is the first time since we met that we actually get to live near each other. Now that we are engaged to be married we figured it was time (yay!). We dated for a year and a half before I made the decision to move. This blog is about our journey and gives friends a way to keep up with us now that we are separated by at least 12 hours. But first, I would like to share our story with you.

About two years ago during this month I made the decision to try online dating, and so did Tim (Timothy). My parents instructed me that it might be a good thing to try, seeing that I was having a hard time meeting Seventh-Day Adventists in my area. I was on two other online dating sites (with no success) and happened upon a site for Adventist dating. It was kinda my last resort haha. I was on this site and was having terrible luck as well. It was so weird, all the guys talking to me were old enough to be my dad eww... One day I got on with the intention to delete my account, because I was tired. And, there it was a "the message" with a smile. So, I gave it a chance and amazingly we have been so perfect for each other. Its amazing what God can do for us when we trust Him. So another moral of this story, if dating is going terrible try online haha

Before I left, there were requests to my Facebook page so people could see what we were up to. So, this blog is a way for everyone to do that. I don't really update my Facebook as much, but I love to blog!!! So we are inviting you to keep up with this journey that God is giving us :) 

p.s. If you have a blog give our blog a little love and follow us! eNjOy!