Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall bucket list

I can honestly say that summer is the most enjoyable season for me especially now. Here in our part of Ohio a lot of things shut down after summer because let's be honest once winter hits you're basically stuck inside. My second favorite season in fall! After all, it is the season in which I got my long awaited sibling! Everything about fall is beautiful; the colors, the smells, the things to taste as well. Last year was so busy for us around here with both of us being in school that we did not get to do much, but this year I have a plan. The plan begins and ends with this fall bucket list I've created. I am hoping to get everything done but there is always next year!

~Pick apples. Fall is not fall without a good ole visit to the apple orchard.

~Buy pumpkins. Last year we did not purchase one pumpkin. So I put it on the list so that we get it done and put the pumpkins out for decoration.
Excuse those dead flowers. Tim "says" I killed them... Also we need to fix that lamp!!!
~Smores! Our family loves to make smores over my mother-in-laws house, but I would love to sit around the fire in the fall. Especially this year since our fall has been mild so far.

~Make Apple Cider. Now, I've never done this before but I heard from a co-worker that it can be done. So I found a slow cooker recipe on pinterest. Let's hope that it works!

 Welcome to our humble abode. By the way, these are the MOST comfortable booties that I have ever worn! I literally wear them everyday if I can. I bought them from Famous Footwear.

What are some things you would like to do this fall?

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