Monday, November 21, 2016


Is a job. The one job where you don't get paid in money but in moments and memories, because if there was a salary it would be an obscene amount! Anyways, its been almost a month and I feel that Tim and I are finally making our way off of the struggle bus and are about to board the insomnia train. This first month has been filled with so many struggles and I know that there are more to come. The biggest struggle so far has been the lack of sleep. Baby Ezra enjoys being up at night just like any other baby. But my baby started this practice in the womb. Yesterday, I got the baby carrier out and put on Zumba music and danced him around the kitchen just like
he used to do when I was teaching, he fell asleep. So the baby carrier is a must!

Ezra is one month old! Time please slow down!!!!

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